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Ozonetel, Bringing AI in Contact centers

Briefly define your product?

We started off with the Kookoo platform which allows developers to build their own innovative telephony solutions. KOOKOO platform provides a software layer that interfaces intelligently with global communication networks, social networking sites, email services, messaging applications, etc.  

We later added a ready-to-use cloud contact center product KOOKOO CloudAgent, and lite version of CloudAgent a cloud-based  PBX solution. CloudAgent gives businesses a browser-based inbound, outbound or blended contact center. It offers multi-channel functionalities (voice, SMS, email, chat) and tools such as Modern IVR, Dialers, CTI integrations, and Live dashboard monitoring. It also offers KOOKOO Interactive Assistant (KIA), the world’s first widget to allow simultaneous live chat and voice interactions on a business website or app.

What are the key problems you solve for today’s businesses?

Apart from reducing fixed costs of running an on-premise contact center, our tools help businesses improve their service quality, launch targeted marketing campaigns and manage faster outbound campaigns.

The main complexity in India and other PSTN countries comes from integrating with the various telcos and ensuring uptimes even when the infrastructure is flaky. Telephony needs to be real-time: we believe that even one-second delays are damaging, and that’s why we ensure that there are absolutely no delays calling

Who are your customers? And why they do need your product?

Enterprises of all sizes, across 20 different verticals use our tools to manage their customer support and sales interactions. Our clients include successful startups like Big Basket, Zomato, Practo, Uber, as well as enterprises like HUL, Monsanto, GE, and Bayer. Our clients are spread across the globe.  

Our browser-based, plug and play cloud contact center solution removes the complexity and fixed costs involved in establishing and maintaining an on-premise contact center solution. Our open APIs allows easy integration with other line of business tools to create a superior customer experience and efficient workflows.

Businesses get access to intelligent routing and real-time monitoring that allows them to manage distributed teams easily. It has allowed startups to protect the privacy of their customers using virtual numbers. And has created innovative communication means using missed calls or automated IVR.

With whom does your product compete in the market? How is it different or unique from others?

Our main USP is that Ozonetel is the only cloud telephony player in the world who owns the whole stack. We manufacture our own hardware(PRI cards) so that we can have complete control over the quality we deliver to the clients. And now, we are one of the few companies who has made AI the core of our contact center engine.

Who are your product users? What are the different use cases of the product?

The end-user of our product includes the contact center agents; the contact center managers, supervisors, or admin; and the end consumers/ business partners. Each of them is looking for different product benefits.

The contact center agents need ease-of-use and efficiency so that they can meet their average speed of answer and handle time KPI’s. The supervisors and admins need real-time monitoring and timely alerts to warn them if an SLA is not being met. They also need insights to help them plan better. Customer success managers need insights to help them monitor quality and tools to help them achieve stellar customer experience.

The end consumers and business partners want the contact center to work seamlessly across various channels of chat, email, SMS and social media. They need quicker resolutions.

Any winning case studies you would like to highlight?

Typically, our product is used in customer service centers, sales departments, or marketing campaigns. Zomato uses our virtual numbers to monitor and track calls to nearly 10,000 restaurants in India and UAE; Rural Shores used CloudAgent to manage their multilingual, distributed call centers across 10 inaccessible semi-rural locations in India, Big Basket manages industry-leading service levels while handling thousands of calls daily on our platform. Our platform has handled over 2 billion calls, 6 billion API hits, and over 10 million hours of conversations across 2 million phone numbers.

How does your product work?

A typical call center use case scenario would be broadly look like this:

Within this call flow, there are many built-in tools to improve customer experience, increase agent efficiency, deliver self-service and create a seamless omnichannel experience. The video below demonstrates one of these tools: the KIA widget.  

What have been your top product or growth challenges lately? And how are you managing that?

Today, the consumer demand for voice communications is all set to explode thanks to the increasing use of voice interfaces on phones, search, digital assistants and very soon IOT (Internet of things). The challenge is to scale up to meet this growing demand for voice interactions. AI-powered bots used in conjunction with the trained human backup will be one way to overcome the challenge.

Developing tools that tap value from the substantial amounts of unformatted voice data that these human-human or human-bot interactions generate —is the other challenge.

We have developed AI as the core of our contact center offering to meet these challenges. AI will help to manage level 1 interactions via bots; assist agents via smart assist; monitor in real time via keyword and sentiment analysis, and derive insights via intent recognition and keyword analysis.

What’s ahead on your Product Roadmap?

Customer experience remains a moving target in an increasingly fast-paced, impatient world. Unifying the experience across the various touchpoints is a running requirement. Our new tools will help contact centers provide voice and self-service interfaces across all touchpoints in the customer journey. End-consumers will be able to move seamlessly between voice and chat.  Real-time training and conversational intelligence will boost agent engagement and performance. And keyword spotting will help monitor ever-growing call volumes for faster, more immediate interventions.

In the next couple of years, we will be concentrating on embedding AI into different spheres of the contact center. We will be releasing the new modules one by one. We will bring in AI into contact centers with features like Speech Analytics, Sentiment Analysis for analyzing customer moods, Natural Language Processing, and Smart Assistant Widgets.

People behind the product

CSN Murthy the CEO is a serial entrepreneur whose previous venture Intoto was acquired by Freescale semiconductors. He has over 20 years of experience in product initiatives and development for networking and embedded systems.

Atul Sharma, CTO, comes with immense exposure to and vast experience in handling Lucent, Avaya, Cisco, Nortel and other Telecom products. His deep domain knowledge of self-service & Customer Interaction Management space bear on the solutions and services that Ozonetel delivers.

C Chaitanya, CIO, is responsible for architecting the KOOKOO cloud platform and designing the com¯munication framework for cloud-based call centers. Chaitanya completed his masters from the University of Florida and is a platform and web expert.

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